Saturday, October 25, 2014

Reflecting on 2014, Looking to 2015

The plan was to try to get another race in; most likely Lifetime Oceanside. However, sometimes the body has other plans. Everything started to feel very stressed and forced during my workouts. My times were still right up there and I was going fast, but my body was feeling like it was really on the edge of falling apart. I don't think this was an error in training or anything, just my still young 21-year-old body telling me that 11 months is enough and it needs extended rest. I was feeling pretty dejected about not being able to go out and show my stuff one more time this season, but I also knew there was no reason to force anything or take any unnecessary risk. For these reasons, I decided to call it a season, rest up, and look towards how I can continue to improve for 2015.

2014 was the breakthrough season that I was looking for. When I think about it, I couldn't have asked to perform any better. I improved by about 5 minutes on most courses, which to improve by 5 min in one season at this level was massive. I improved considerably in each discipline, and accomplished a lot of goals that I had set for myself. I remember when I got into the sport and saw some of my idols in the sport finishing in 1:50, and I always thought they must be superhuman or something. This season I was able to go that fast on numerous occasions. Just thinking about how far I have come just shows that you can accomplish anything if you really want it. The way I was able to perform at various races this year showed me what kind of potential I may have and that taking a shot at a career in this sport is a realistic option.

Looking forward to next year, I am in the process of planning where I am going to move to in order to put myself in the best place to succeed. One thing I have found is that if you want to succeed, you must surround yourself with great people and great resources. So, I hope to have some big news in the upcoming month about taking my career to the next level. 2015 is a complete question mark about where I may end up, and that excites me so much.

I had a lot of memorable experiences this season and saw so many new places. I am blessed to have the ability and opportunity to go after what I really want. I am thankful everyday for my biggest fans, Mom and Dad, who stand by me in everything that I do as well as my friends and family who make up my massive support team. This was the first year that I worked with a coach, and my relationship with Matt has been nothing but positive. He reached out to help me when I was just starting my career, and that shows a lot about him and means so much to me. Having Matt's help has been critical to my success all season. I am blessed to have the help of all of my sponsors Zone3, Kiwami, The Sport Factory, and SCOTT running for offering me so much support that I wouldn't be able to make it without. Only one name goes up on the results list on race day, but there is a whole team behind that name.

As for now, I am going to keep enjoying my few down weeks resting up and being on the "get fat" diet. I need to put on some pounds if I am going to get through another State College winter! I'll take some more time to reflect on the season and start making my goals for 2015 which I think will be a massive year for me. Stay tuned!

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