Thursday, May 8, 2014

Schedule Thrown out the Door

This year has been developing in a very interesting way. I had a good schedule pretty locked down and was excited about all the races. I then had most of my schedule canceled. Columbia didn't work out, and Rev3 also canceled its entire pro series. This really threw everything up in the air. This most likely means some more traveling to get to races, and things will be a little bit more difficult. One positive could be that the fields at the remaining races will be extremely competitive. All the best guys will be at the same races. Racing with the best is the only way to get to that level.

It can be difficult in training when you aren't really sure when your next race is. I think it is important to just stay in the moment and think about what you can do to get better each and every day and be prepared for whatever comes next. It may not be the season I was planning for my 1st year, but I think being able to adapt is really important. Things rarely ever go to plan, and it is important not to get discouraged by any of it. The schedule is still up in the air, but I am excited about what is to come

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