Sunday, November 10, 2013

Training Under Way

After a solid 6 weeks taking it easy, it's time to get back. I feel mentally refreshed, and my body feels like it's ready to go. I'm very excited for 2014. It will be my first full season as a professional. Racing at that level all year will be something new and extremely challenging. I've got some possible draft-legal races on the schedule, and some non-draft olympic races that I'm very excited for like Philly, New York, Giant Eagle 5150, Collegiate Nationals, and some Rev3.

I'm happy to now be working with Matt Russ from The Sport Factory. Matt has coached just about everything under the sun, and I think with his guidance I can really get dialed in. We've been building up the base miles for a couple weeks, and I'm really pleased with how I am feeling and how things are going. I'm getting back to running after a shin injury and Matt's got me doing some great stuff to get back.

It's finally starting to get chilly here in State College, and winter is on its way. So, I'm getting prepared to train in some nasty weather because State College winters are awful. I feel like every time I look at the forecast it says....

But anyway, riding out against the elements is fun and makes you tough. So, I'm happy to be back training and getting the miles in my legs. I feel like this is the best base I've ever started with, and that will lead to success. Until next time, happy training!

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