Thursday, October 17, 2013

SCOTT eRide AF Support

I've had the pleasure of being able to run on SCOTT shoes all season, and it's the first time I've gotten through a season without having to stop running because of some sort of injury. Having an awesome pair of shoes on your feet all season is a big deal, and huge in making improvements over time to help me continue to progress and be the best I can be. These shoes are awesome so I figured I would offer my thoughts on them: 

Initial Impression

            I started using this shoe as my main trainer, a shoe to do all the hard training miles in. I am a slight pronator and need some support in a shoe to fix that. When I got the AF Supports I was surprised at how light they were. Training shoes are normally a bit bigger to offer support and cushioning for all the miles you will put on them, but these are definitely on the lighter side for a training shoe. SCOTT came up with an interesting design of lacing the shoes. Instead of going straight down the shoe, they bend to the outside as they go towards the toes. I was very curious about how this would feel.


            I wear a size 9 and these were a good fit, very true to size. I would say my feet could be on the wider side, but I tend to fit in a normal width shoe. These shoes felt extremely comfortable when I put them on. The tongue on this shoe is slightly sewn into the side walls with some mesh in a unique way that seemed to keep my foot in place very well and support it well. All in all, I was very happy with how it felt leading up to my first run.

            This shoe felt great to me from the get go. It really seemed to correct my pronating feet and offered me just enough support. The lace design that I mentioned earlier seemed to work really well. I feel like this shoe really grabs my entire foot, from ankle through the ball of my foot. I have run in a lot of shoes where the front of my foot would slide around when I would be running around corners. In this shoe, my entire foot would stay right in place the entire time even when I would be running very fast during track sessions around corners.
            The light weight of the shoe was also a great addition. I tend to run with a pretty high turnover, and a light weight shoe really helps you maintain that. To be able to run with a high turnover during all of my training and still have enough support in my shoe to keep me healthy is amazing.
            I would say my favorite thing about this shoe is SCOTT’s eRide technology. The sole is shaped for you to be able to land and roll off that foot naturally and quickly. It does exactly that. The shoes roll extremely well which really helps with that turnover that I just mentioned. It really seems to lessen the impact and keep your weight moving forward instead of up and down.


            I have put close to 400 miles on the shoes and they have held up extremely well. They still feel the same as I did when I got them. The soles are showing some signs of wear obviously, but all of the tread is still in very good shape. I would feel comfortable up to a good 500 miles at least on these shoes which is definitely on the higher end for a pair of running shoes. I’m only about 140lbs, so I can sometimes take my shoes a few more miles since I’m on the light side, but that is still a lot of miles to put on shoes.

Overall Thoughts

            This is the first time I have gone through the life of a shoe without some form of running injury. It has offered me the most consistent training I've ever had. It is rare to find a shoe that is light weight yet also provides enough support. Training on this shoe has also helped me run my PR 10k off the bike in an Olympic Tri of 32:03. If you’re a slight pronator and are looking for a training shoe, you've found one. The AF Supports are a lock.

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